You Have To See This Video Of Kanye West Wearing Braces, Riding A Scooter & Rapping

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/REX/Shutterstock.
Throughout the years, Kanye West has become an icon for many reasons — his songs, his family, his style, his attitude, and of course, his rapping skills.
And now we have a wonderful vintage video of the superstar to see how he was just as much of a ham in 2000 as he is in 2017.
The video, which is dated September 22, 2000, was recently unearthed and shared by a Twitter user Andrew Barber. It shows a very young and wide-eyed West rapping in a purple-grey suit, leaning on a scooter, and wearing braces. Talk about multitasking.
But in addition to the physical and attitude change West underwent in the past 17 years, it's also crazy to see and hear his rapping style then, versus now. He's so animated and you can see the hunger for success in his eyes. (It would be another three years before the public hears songs off of his debut album, The College Dropout.)
Mind you, he's only about 23 in the video and still very, very green to the music industry, but his confidence and ego are still palpable. Even when he's standing on a nerdy, yellow scooter. And wearing braces. He's also surrounded by an unidentified posse that seem to be vibing with his verse. He raps about "capris," being "more important than Michael Jordan," and, erm, "titties." Classic Kanye.
It's only a matter of time before West himself sees the video, and I hope he does something with this verse. Imagine a remix of old Kanye with new Kanye? He could also add in a little bit of old Kim talking with new Kim talking. That's some meta material right there.
Let's pour one out for old Kanye.

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