Here's Everything Leaving Netflix In March

Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.
While all the celebs are currently running around getting ready for Oscar weekend, Netflix is doing some shuffling of its own. With a new month comes new hits, but not before the streaming site does some spring cleaning. Not one, not two, but all four Jaws movies are saying sayonara — did you even know there were that many?
Along with those killer sharks, out the door go British sitcoms, animated superheroes, and a feuding Hansel and Gretel. Personally, I know I'll be watching The Nanny Diaries one more time before it joins the Ghosts of Netflix Past, and maybe — maybe — I'll finally sit down to see Animal House all the way through.
Luckily, the titles will be disappearing in waves, and now that we know on exactly what dates they'll be removed from the site, we can strategically plan our binge-watching. With 49 titles leaving, however, you better clear some space in your calendar. Nobody said staying up to date on pop culture would be easy.
Ahead is the full list of movies and televisions shows leaving Netflix in March.

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