Rihanna Gets Hot & Heavy In Bates Motel Sex Scene

Drake, we implore you: Stop reading now. You'll be one #HurtBae if you see what Rihanna and her acting career have been up to. Everyone else can go ahead and feast their eyes on this steamy trailer for RiRi's upcoming role on Bates Motel. The singer will play Marion Crane, the Hitchcock heroine who really should have locked her door before hopping in the shower, in the final season of A&E's Psycho reboot. Before Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) can get his hands/knife on her, though, the doomed Marion will manage to squeeze in a sexy tryst with her lover. All's fair in love and murder, after all. This new teaser shows Rihanna checking into the Bates Motel — bad, bad idea — and remarking to her future killer that she's been a guest at the motel once before. Viewers then get a flashback to her getting busy in bed with boyfriend Sam Loomis, played by recent The Walking Dead victim Austin Nichols. He's wearing boxer briefs; she's wearing bedsheets. "I've been here before," a rain-soaked Marion reveals around the 30-second mark in the clip below. "I was here with my boyfriend." No kidding.
The "Work" star also pops up in this teaser, commenting on what a huge mansion Bates has and probably wondering to herself why she didn't just book an Airbnb with double security locks.
The season 5 premiere of Bates Motel aired on Monday, but there's no word on when Rihanna will make her first appearance as Bates' legendary victim, who was played by Janet Leigh in the original Psycho. One thing's for certain, though: It will be wet, it will be gory, and, judging by that sex scene, it will be on fire. We've never been so excited to see someone put themselves in peril.

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