LGBTQ People In Oklahoma Could Potentially Lose All Their Rights

LGBTQ Americans were rightfully frightened when Donald Trump was elected POTUS on November 8. Trump has a history of opposing same-sex marriage, according to the Human Rights Campaign, and chose a running mate with a history of anti-LGBTQ remarks.
Even though rumors that Trump was going to announce an executive order targeting LGBTQ people were denounced, some states are taking matters into their own hands to pass anti-lgbtq legislation.
A bill being reviewed now in Oklahoma would get rid of all rights LGBTQ people in the state have — and they don't have many as it is, according to Fox News 23. Senate Bill 694, written by State Senator Josh Brecheen, doesn't sound outwardly anti-LGBTQ. It states that no city can pass laws or ordinances that are in opposition to or more stringent than a state statute.
This is bad for queer and transgender people in the state because there are currently no state anti-discrimination laws, meaning that Oklahoma cities would be banned from passing their own laws protecting LGBTQ people. What's more, the three cities that currently do have protective laws — Norman, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City — would have to get rid of them.
The bill would destroy employment and housing protections in those cities, which LGBTQ people have only had for a couple of years. Oklahoma City passed a housing non-discrimination ordinance in 2016 and Norman passed employment protections about a month earlier, at the end of 2015.
Activists in the state are particularly concerned for what this means for transgender women.
Sadly, this isn't the only bill proposed in Oklahoma that would wipe out rights for LGBTQ people. SB 197, co-authored by Brecheen and Senator Joseph Silk, would allow anyone in the state to refuse services (including healthcare) to LGBTQ people based on religious beliefs.
Fingers crossed that these two bills don't pass, and LGBTQ Oklahomans get to keep the (minimal) protections they have.

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