Here's Everything Coming To Netflix In March

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Ah, Netflix. What would we do without thee? (Er, maybe read that Gabriel Garcia Marquez book we've been carrying around?) Realistically, though, we'd probably just mope about and rehash our favorite tv shows. Lucky for us, though, the streaming site isn't going anywhere. In fact, Netflix, like a living thing, molts once a month. It sheds a layer of its entertainment treasure chest in order to make way for even more delights.
March will see the arrival of more than a few entertainment gems. Most notably, Jurassic Park and its siblings The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III will grace our screens next month. Steven Spielberg dinosaur flicks aside, the monthly renaissance will feature more than a few iconoclastic films — This Is Spinal Tap, anyone? (The mind-fuck movie Memento will also make an appearance.)
With these renewals, Netflix often provides a healthy dose of cinema history as well. In February, the site offered a series of Black-helmed films from the turn of the century. This month, they're providing never-before-seen documentaries and propaganda films from World War II.
Then, of course, there are the Netflix originals. The streaming site tends to be coy about these arrivals, so it's always difficult to know which ones we should anticipate. But there's one thing that should be universally delighting: The third season of Grace and Frankie will arrive on March 24.
Ahead, find all the new releases that Netflix will bestow upon us next month. Finish up your current binge-watch of The 100 now — there's more TV to watch!

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