Did You Notice Beauty & The Beast Left Out An Important Part Of This Song?

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Compare the trailer of the 1991 animated Beauty & The Beast to the one for the upcoming live-action remake, and it's obvious how close the latter mirrors its predecessor. The subsequent clips have proven that the new film will bring the original to life, rather than reinvent it. (Speaking of "reinventing," there will be one major difference: in this version of the story, it's Emma Watson's Belle who is the inventor of her family.) So imagine the shock that fans felt when the new movie, which sticks so closely to the original, also nixed an iconic song's most beloved line. Where the heck is Marie with those baguettes?
"Belle" — a.k.a. the song in which Belle parades around her provincial town and reads to a bunch of sheep — is one of the most famous tunes from Beauty & The Beast. No line is quite as quoted as the one from the Baker, who gives no effs about Belle's latest book when there is bread to be sold, damn it! Belle takes a singing break to explain the plot of her latest novel when the Baker interrupts to delegate a task to his wife:
"Marie! The baguettes! HURRY UP!"
The line is present in the 1991 version at the 1:10 mark...
...But is tragically missing from the 2017 live-action version:
The scenes play out a little differently, so it makes sense for the new film to cut the line. Belle doesn't even explain her book to the Baker in the scene. Still, why mess with something as perfect as "Marie! the baguettes!," you know? I stand firm with #TeamBaguettes.
Obviously, Twitter is totally furious about the change.
So... is it too late to ADR that line in, or...

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