How To Wear The Same 8 Pieces For 1 Week

With countless Fashion Weeks under my belt, you’d think I’d have dressing for it down pat. As an editor, I’m running from show to show to see the latest trends, to support the designers I believe in, and to discover new and exciting ones. And though street style has become a job in it’s own right, I’ve got such a packed schedule that I prefer to keep my look simple and efficient (but still chic, of course).
This past New York Fashion Week, I teamed up with designer Misha Nonoo, who has a similar style mantra to mine. Nonoo recently launched a small collection called “The Easy 8," which is made up of eight pieces that can be mixed and matched, and are classic enough to own forever, but cool enough to make a statement, regardless of occasion. Essentially, these are the only items you really need in your closet.
With the help of a few fun accessories and some some innovative styling tricks, I put the offering to the test. Was it possible to work with just eight pieces and still keep things interesting? By the end of the week, the answer was a resounding "yes." Here's how I did it.

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