The Best Disney Songs That You Forgot About

Photo: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock.
It is a fact universally acknowledged that a Disney song is the best tune for the shower. "Look at this stuff? Isn't it neat?" I sing, gesturing at my various shampoo bottles and loofahs. "Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?" (For that matter, no. I can never have too many shower gizmos and gadgets.) And it's not just the shower that's ripe for Little Mermaid humdingers and the like. Disney songs are the perfect antidote to weekday chores, and a delicious companion to any sleepover/book club meeting/strenuous hike.
Given their endless use, it's about time we mixed up our interest in Disney songs. The classics are great, but "Part Of Your World" is only enjoyable the first 100 times. (I have long since surpassed that threshold.) In order to shake up the routine, reach for the deep cuts. We're talking songs from semi-animated flicks like Pete's Dragon, or deleted numbers that you'll only know if you purchased the deluxe soundtrack. We're talking buried tunes from the ending credits of long-forgotten films. For these numbers, we're reaching to the Disney archives. These dusted-off standbys are perfect for the shower, the gym, and everything in between. (A side note: at least half of these songs make for excellent lullabies. Which, if you have a friend who needs lulling, are very handy.) Sing on, my friends — the Disney treasure trove is here to provide.

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