Chrissy Teigen Has One Word For Anyone Who Puts Down Pizza

It's human nature to defend the things we truly care about. It can be hard not to speak up when someone is putting down something we love. What's even more difficult, though, is speaking up in an eloquent and effective way that gets the point across without letting your emotions take over. The sweet and sassy Chrissy Teigen recently demonstrated the perfect way to respond to haters with a single tweet. This past weekend, a Naija Gym Blog, which according to People, is a Nigerian health blog, posted a photo of two slices of pepperoni pizza to twitter. Accompanying the photo was a tweet that said, "Two slices of pizza are the equivalent to swallowing 3 spoons of warm oil. Do you feel like eating pizza now?"
Chrissy Teigen saw the tweet and didn't lose her cool over this blasphemy. She simply gave an honest response to the obvious question.
We aren't quite sure how Naija Gym Blog could have expected any alternative answer with an enticing pizza photo like that, but it doesn't seem like that was quite what they were hoping to hear. The day after Teigen tweeted her response, the blog posted this poll on Twitter.
So far, 89% of the almost 9,000 responders say yes, they do feel like eating pizza now, and only 11% say no. Honestly, Naija Gym Blog could have saved themselves some time and just looked at the over 306,000 likes and 115,000 retweets Teigen's answer received. With just one word, she said what we were all thinking. Related Video:

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