Ombre Starbucks Drinks Are The Latest Off-Menu Obsession

Last June, our Instagram feeds were taken over by a Starbucks "secret menu" item called the Pink Drink. The Strawberry Acai Refresher made with coconut milk was a pale shade of pink that popped perfectly in pictures. The drink quickly spawned other colorful takes on the trend, like the Purple Drink, Orange Drink, Blue Drink, and Green Drink. After eight months without seeing a single new color come up, we thought these rainbow beverages were a thing of the past. But, it seems, the trend has finally come back around. This morning, @thedailyfoodfeed posted a photo of a beautiful Starbucks drink that reminds us a lot of this past summer's Pink Drink, with one notable addition. The caption of the Instagram photo reads, "The #PinkDrink is sooo 2016. 2017 is about 2-toned @starbucks drinks like the #MatchaPinkDrink. Just look at how pretty it is.
According to the post, this drink is made by filling half the cup with matcha coconut milk. Then, that's topped with the OG Pink Drink — Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk. The two colorful liquids mix together a bit where they meet and achieve an ombre effect that makes us feel like it's already spring. So far it looks like @thedailyfoodfeed is the only Instagram user to post a photo of the new Matcha Pink Drink, but if the past has taught us anything, that won't be the case for long. Related Video:

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