"Misfortune" Cookies Are Everything We've Ever Wanted To Crack Open After Dinner

What fortune cookies often lack in flavor they make up for with sage advice and witticism.
Actually I'm kidding. That's all lies. Fortune cookies do none of the sort. They just cut the roof of your mouth with their sharp angles and make you wonder, who the hell writes this stuff? Yet we adore them all the same. Though the German-based company, Pechkeks is giving new life to the old post-dinner indulgence. Pechkeks has created a new black fortune cookie, to match the dark, crude humor messages stuffed inside. According to Food & Wine, the cookie debuted in Europe and Australia in 2013 will soon be available in select stores in the U.S. and Canada.
However, you can skip the middle man and buy them now on Amazon, though stocks are getting low.
As for the types of messages you'll find inside? Here are a few examples dug up by Food & Wine:
Things will get better. Sometimes. Maybe.
At least I believe in you. Me, a piece of paper.
And my personal favorite, Life is a symphony – and you're playing the kazoo.
Sounds like the perfect post-dinner icebreaker after inhaling too much take out.

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