People Are Infuriated Over This Video Of A Woman Confronting Her Cheating Ex

If you were on Twitter last night, you likely saw the hashtag #HurtBae trending, thanks to a now-viral video of a woman confronting her ex — who might be the most hated man on the internet right now.
On Wednesday night, The Scene posted a video to its site of Kourtney and Leonard, two exes who have come together to talk about how Leonard's infidelity affected their relationship. In confronting her ex, Kourtney is immediately emotional and heartbroken as they discuss how Leonard cheated on her multiple times. Leonard, on the other hand, seems completely unfazed.
Seriously: When Kourtney asks how many times he cheated on her, he says, "I wasn't keeping count." And at one point, he even asks her why she didn't just leave him.
Given that the conversation was about one person's infidelity, it's not surprising that it would be more emotionally charged on Kourtney's end. But Leonard's stoicism did not sit well with the Internet. Thousands took to Twitter, dubbing Kourtney #HurtBae and losing it over the video.
Some even found Kourtney's Instagram and proceeded to show their support through Mario lyrics.
Thanks to the Internet's hardcore sleuthing, however, we now know that Kourtney has moved on to a loving relationship with someone who appreciates her.
Meanwhile, we're not sure how things worked out for Leonard IRL, but it's probably safe to say that the internet has a new enemy.
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