An Awesome Rotating Skyscraper Is Coming To Dubai In 2020

Photo: Getty Images.
Can you imagine your apartment revolving? Kind of trippy in a good way, right? An architecture firm has envisioned a skyscraper in Dubai where the units will do just that. Dubai is already home to some fascinating structures — like the world's tallest building — but we just can't look away from this one. Travel + Leisure reports that David Fischer of Dynamic Architecture has designed a skyscraper that would include "apartments that can rotate 360 degrees, moving independently through voice-activated command controls that allow you to adjust the speed or stop the movement." The planned opening date is 2020, but the company has yet to announce the start of construction. Residents will also be able to program their apartments to move with the sun so they can get more sunlight throughout the day. And as if all of this weren't already sci-fi enough, each of the units will be built separately and connected to the core of the building through detachable valves. Plus, the apartments will be run on wind-turbine energy created between the floors. If you're thinking living in a rotating skyscraper doesn't sound cheap, you're right: Each unit will cost around $30 million.

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