This Harry Potter Actress Is Appearing In Playboy

The cast of the Harry Potter franchise is everywhere these days. Emma Watson is in Beauty & the Beast. Rupert Grint is in the upcoming TV series Snatch. And Scarlett Byrne is in the March/April issue of Playboy. Maybe she was inspired by Daniel Radcliffe's own dedication to nudity.
For those who are not super fans of the films, Byrne played Pansy Parkinson, the quick-witted Slytherin who inspired loads of fan fiction about her relationship with everyone's favorite bully and villain, Draco Malfoy. In addition to appearing nude in the magazine (which has officially returned to its bare-all ways), the 26-year-old actress is also engaged to Hugh Hefner's 25-year-old son, Cooper Hefner, who is also the Chief Creative Officer of the publication. So, it's really no surprise to see her in the magazine.
According to her Instagram post featuring a photo from the shoot, she also penned a short essay titled, "The Feminist Mystique." Deeming it a "unique opportunity" in the caption of the post, she added the hashtag #NakedIsNormal, which appears to be the message of the magazine since revoking their short-lived anti-nudity policy.
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