The Love Story Behind These Black History Moments

Everyone knows that February is Black History Month. Everyone (and their mama) knows that February also hosts Valentine’s Day. But despite the hyper-visibility of both of these events, there is rarely any overlap between the two.

Love is a universal practice. Despite the differences amongst us, nearly everyone experiences a romantic, tingly feeling for another human being. Even when you’re becoming a rap legend, building a music empire, or starring in one of the most racially significant sitcoms ever, there was likely a time when all you wanted was to cuddle with a special someone or know that you were responsible for their smile.

Those lovers eventually become part of our lives in ways that impact our work and legacies. Imagine how we might feel differently Jay-Z if Beyoncé wasn’t his wife. Would Drake even have a career without the inspiration of all the women he’s tried to save from a life of sleeping with people that aren’t him? I don’t think so. So in retrospect, Valentine’s Day and Black History month are more connected than we think. The love stories behind these moments in Black history are proof of just how meaningful bae can be, for better or for worse.

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