Are Eric Andre & Rosario Dawson Trolling Us With Their New Relationship?


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Today, in Weird Couples You Didn't Think Would Ever Happen, comedian Eric Andre claims that he is dating Rosario Dawson. According to his Instagram, the two smooch and canoodle the way any other couple would. On Valentine's Day, the Man Seeking Woman actor shared an image of the two together with the caption, "Happy Valentine's Day to the LOoooVE OF MY LIFE!" — this would indicate that the two are dating, no?

But Eric Andre isn't known for taking life seriously. The comedian might be more accurately called a prankster. His show, The Eric Andre Show, trades in shocking reveals. As the actor himself recounted on Conan, he delights in surprising his guests with fun surprises like cockroaches, rats, and tickles in unmentionable places.

Andre's anarchic approach to comedy means he's a little unreliable. At the RNC, he told Alex Jones of Info Wars onstage, "I want you to have sex with my wife." Andre doesn't even have a wife. On his own show, Andre told actress Stacey Dash, "Abortion is not acceptable, even in the case of rape or incest...they deserve a painful life." (Dash is decidedly pro-life.) He then followed the statement by sharing a doctored photo of President Obama flashing his genitals. "I'm sick of this president," he said. (The comedian himself shared full-frontal photos on Instagram last January as a joke.) In these instances, Andre was clearly being facetious — that seems to be his platform.

Wishing you all a 'Michael Bolton's Big Sexy Valentine's Day'! #HappyValentinesDay #Valentines

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So, what do we do when a prankster says they're in love? Because Andre's daily activities are so rarely genuine, the Valentine's Day post seems as if it could also be a prank. The 33-year-old appears in Netflix's Michael Bolton's Big, Sexy Valentine's Day Special, which premiered this weekend. Dawson is busy promoting her own vehicle — The LEGO Batman Movie. On her own feed, Dawson shared an image of the two on the set of Michael Bolton's Big, Sexy Valentine's Day Special. The timing seems a little suspect, no? Two people falling in love, right when they need a little publicity love. Could this be a stunt to promote their respective films? This type of hoax isn't unheard of.

In March of 2016, actress Jessica Lowndes claimed she was dating Jon Lovitz in an effort to promote her music video "Deja Vu." Vogue argued that Lowndes had "gamed the system" by faking the relationship. It's possible Andre and Dawson are pulling off something similar — and we're not the only ones who think so.

Shortly after the initial post, Andre shared a photo of Dawson sticking her tongue in his mouth.

I think we have to touch tongues bb because people think this is a prank. 😂😂😂

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"I think we have to touch tongues bb because people think this is a prank," he wrote in the caption. Sure enough, if you dive into the comments section, his followers seem to doubt their love. Most, though, are just pleased to see them together and looking so cute. Andre shared a series of photos after that — a few are just of Dawson alone. In one, though, the two are cheesing for a selfie at what looks like The Women's March. Dawson, 37, wears a hat that reads "Feminist." The photo doesn't look doctored or arranged or planned by a publicist.

Is he trolling us? It's absolutely possible. But we really hope he's not.

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