Emma Watson Was Giving Out Life Advice For $2 At Grand Central Station Yesterday

Emma Watson is an actress, activist, and bookworm, so it makes sense that she also moonlights a lifestyle guru. The 26-year-old was spotted in Grand Central Station in New York City on Tuesday giving advice via an iPad livestream. For just $2, Mashable reports that commuters could ask the star seemingly any question and get an answer (almost) face-to-face.
"So I just 'ran' into Emma Watson at Grand Central giving advise for $2 through an iPad booth..." one passerby captioned a photo Instagram. "#welcometoNY #keepitwierd."

The whole setup was maintained by writer Derek Blasberg, who "wore" a structure that held the iPad and camera, as well as a sign that read "Advice From Emma Watson $2." One by one, commuters appear to approach the iPad to get some virtual face time with the Harry Potter star.
While the purpose of the stunt is unclear, it's possible it has to do with Watson's upcoming movie The Circle, which is all about the dark side of the digital age. However, there's definitely no downside to video-chatting Emma Watson. She can speak on anything from being a childhood actress to sustainable fashion to the future of feminism. In fact, for two dollars, it's an incredible bargain.

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