The One Thing You Never Knew About The Pink Beautyblender

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and all, now’s as good a time as any to ask the eternal question: Do you ever truly know the one you love? Or is there always something unexpected and unpleasant waiting in the wings? The answer is clear for one Beautyblender-loving individual, whose recent makeup sponge mishap left them traumatized. Reddit user callmekohai told MakeupAddiction that they opened a brand-new original pink Beautyblender and headed to the sink to wash it before the first use. (A noble decision that often goes forgotten.) But once the sponge was lathered with soap, it started leaking pink dye — turning the water a similarly pastel shade. “I’m honestly really freaked out and refused to use it,” the user wrote. Here’s the thing about pink Beautyblenders: They bleed color the first few washes. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s pretty much NBD. It’s dye — safe, water-soluble, environmentally sound dye, as the brand will attest, but dye nonetheless. If it bugs you, get the black one. Or the nude one. Or the pure white one! That way, you can go on living your life with flawlessly applied foundation — without the side of fear.

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