Amanda Seyfried Throws Shade At Corinne From The Bachelor With The Funniest Video

Like the rest of the world, Amanda Seyfried was watching The Bachelor on Monday night. However, during a dramatic scene in the episode the actress noticed something odd — or, you know, odder than the usual antics. She snapped a quick video and posted it on twitter to throw some major shade.
The video shows the 24-year-old villain, Corinne, leaving a building in a, let's say creative, way. She walks straight past the automatic doors that were opening for her and instead uses a side door that takes her to the exact same place. She had to actually go out of her way to pick the harder exit. It's a small but baffling choice. Did she not notice the automatic doors? Or did she just not care? "Corinne fits perfectly in this strange new world we're living in," Seyfried captioned the video. Fans were equally as baffled. "I thought the same thing," one user wrote in response to the tweet. "I was like girl the door opened for you but ok LOL." This is just another way Corinne lives life by her own rules. Thankfully, we don't have to follow them.

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