You Need To See This Beyoncé Pregnancy Announcement Mural

Pop culture murals are apparently big business in Australia. Artist Lush Sux, who was responsible for this mural of a Kim Kardashian nude selfie and this mural in loving memory of Taylor Swift, is back at it again with recreating iconic moments in internet culture.

This time, he's taken on Beyoncé’s twin pregnancy announcement photo. He made the image into a five-story tribute to virality. He first posted an image with him in a pose highly reminiscent of the original photo. Kind of. You know, in a way.

Five stories of @beyonce 👯Does it look like I'm expecting twins too?

A photo posted by lushsux (@lushsux) on

He wrote on Twitter that the mural is across from 25 Easey Street in Collingwood, in Victoria.

Others, naturally, have gotten in on the fun. This woman apparently didn't wait until Lush Sux had even finished.
Guess it's time to go to Australia.

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