Activia’s New Campaign Is A MAJOR Win For Girls Who Code

It's just over a week since the Super Bowl, but we still have commercials on the brain. As brands like Honda, Airbnb, and Budweiser proved, making a mission-driven statement with your campaign is one sure way to ensure people keep talking about you long after the last of the guacamole dip has disappeared. Now, in honor of a less hyped but certainly just as important, national holiday — National Self Love Day — Activia is debuting the latest edition of its "It Starts Inside" campaign. (The initial installment, which began running in January, focused on Sarah Thomas, the first female NFL referee.) "This new campaign reflects our revitalized brand vision and purpose: to spark conversations and encourage women to achieve their full potential by overcoming their inner critic," Jasmine Steinger, Associate Brand Manager at Activia, says. "Addressing this issue is supporting self-care and we believe it’s also a way to inspire women. Ultimately this campaign is designed to help women identify, understand and work with their inner critic, whatever it may be." This more emotional approach to advertising is something new for the brand, which many of us still associate with those Jamie Lee Curtis commercials from the aughts. Undoubtedly the goal here is to appeal to more millennial women. Underscoring this? A $250,000 donation to Girls Who Code, tied to "It Starts Inside," which reveals the brand's true commitment to this new female empowerment approach. "Because we believe in girls' unlimited potential, we are dedicated to supporting the Girls Who Code mission of closing the gender gap in technology, and all of the inspiring work they do," Steinger explains. "Together, we can help young women find their positive inner voice." No disrespect, but we'll take that kind of investment in our future over Ms. Curtis any day.

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