Twitter Roasted Betsy DeVos After She Asked This Question

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.
Our new education secretary Betsy DeVos doesn't exactly enjoy widespread popularity. Democrats fought tooth and nail to derail her confirmation. When she did get confirmed by the Senate, it was an unprecedented 50-50 tie with Vice President Mike Pence making the final call. So it's not surprising that people are expressing their dissatisfaction with DeVos on Twitter. After all, she has been criticized for knowing little about public schools, as well as federal disability and sexual assault regulations. The specter of being from a wealthy Republican family that has donated huge sums to the GOP hangs over her as well. On her first day as Secretary of Education, DeVos tweeted the following.
Here is just a sample of the Twitter fury she got in response. (Yes, there were grizzly memes involved.)

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