Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel Have Maybe Not Had Sex

Photo: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock.
Miranda Kerr is engaged to Evan Spiegel, one of the very rich men who founded a little app called Snapchat. Last year, the two announced their engagement on, yes, Snapchat. It was cute. But since then they haven't really that much of a talked-about couple —until now. In an interview with The London Times, the 33-year-old model revealed that her and her fiancé have a less-than-traditional sex life. As in, they don't have sex. After being asked about what contraception methods she uses (which... what...?), Kerr stated that she doesn't have to worry about that because her and her 26-year-old billionaire beau do not have sex. "Not until after we get married,” she clarified to the publication. "[Spiegel] is very traditional. We can’t…I mean we’re just…waiting." As Jezebel points out, Kerr is definitely not a virgin because she has a child with her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom. In the end, it's their business, but it's interesting to note the slight trend in "post-virginal chastity" in a "high-profile heterosexual couple to be involved in an openly sexless relationship wherein the woman is the mother of a child from a previous partner" (thanks, Bobby Finger, for that one), referring to the much-talked about situation between Ciara and Russell Wilson. But still, the oddest part about all this is why Kerr even answered that incredibly invasive question from her male interviewer in the first place.

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