Why Target Is The Best New Natural Beauty Destination

There are very few material items in this world that can’t be found at Target. If it can be purchased legally and paid for in the relevant currency, then nine times out of ten, Target’s got it. That’s why it’s the best place to shop for everything, and an even better place to wait out the zombie apocalypse: Where else can you find enough food, supplies, and entertainment to sustain you and your loved ones until a solution for the epidemic has been found?
Good news: The ultimate destination superstore is about to get a lot more exciting. (Yes, even more exciting than the zombie apocalypse.) Because while we were agonizing over which dish towels to buy, Target went ahead and launched an expansive selection of natural beauty products. Finally, you can shop all your favorite green hair care, skin care, and makeup in the same place you bought your slow cooker.
With reliable favorites like Burt’s Bees and Shea Moisture, as well as more niche brands like W3LL PEOPLE and The Seaweed Bath Co., Target’s natural offerings are not to be missed. Now we won’t have to face the end of the world with parabens in our lipstick. What a relief.

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