Kourtney Kardashian's Son's Bedroom Is All Our Childhood Dreams Come True

Kourtney Kardashian just showed us what her two-year-old's bedroom looks like on her app, and our inner children are so, so jealous.

Aside from being gigantic, it's got a big, adorable stuffed lion and an elephant rocker guarding the cradle.

"Reign loves his lion," Kourtney wrote. We and Reign have that in common.
Photo: KOURT/Kourtney Kardashian.
Against the wall, shelves filled with stuffed animals and other toys surround a cozy white bed, which Kourtney uses herself.

"I love having a daybed in this space so I can sleep here when Reign is sick or needs me," she wrote. "I slept in his room the first three months of his life (most nights with Mason and Penelope in the room, too), so a full-size daybed is amazing."
Photo: KOURT/Kourtney Kardashian.
The plane on the wall is a gift from Reign's brother Mason, who had it in his room first. The fuzzy rug is also from Mason's bedroom. Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the family's interior decorator, picked it out. During Christmas, it was bunched up around Reign's tree (yup, he got his own) for a snowy effect.

But the part even our adults selves envy is all the light. You can also block it out if you need to, though, Kourtney explained. "The curtains are lined with special blackout fabric so the room is dark for nap time."

You'd think all the Disick kids would be clamoring to play in here, but their daughter Penelope has an equally sweet deal of her own. She's got a bed 10 times the size of what any four-year-old needs and a wardrobe just for her dolls.

We can only hope to one day have an apartment as spacious and beautiful as a Disick kid's room.

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