Lauren Conrad’s Hairstylist Explains How To Get The Perfect Hair Selfie

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There's no right or wrong way to take a selfie — unless you're a celebrity stylist. Then, it's an art form. Kristin Ess, the mastermind behind Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale's hair, shared with Elle exactly how to perfect it, particularly where hair is concerned. The first step is to gather your hair in the front. She is not a fan of tucked-behind-the-ears looks. "If you're gonna selfie, you've got to pull all your hair forward," she emphasized. "So bring it all in front of your shoulders, in front of your forehead, and clear your face a little." But you don't just have to think about your hair — you've got to consider your whole head. "Tilt your face forward just a tiny bit, so your hair looks as thick and in-motion as possible," she added. "That's the trick." It sounds exhausting just to plan these, let alone take one. We wonder if Kim Kardashian thought about all this when she took 6,000 selfies over four days. Ess also revealed some fascinating information about how pregnancy affects your hair. Since Conrad's been pregnant, she said, her already famous locks have gotten even more luscious. "It's a real thing during pregnancy, that your hair gets longer and thicker no matter what," she said. "You've got longer hair, you've got bigger boobs, it's kind of this goddess moment for you — it's like you get natural hair extensions! A lot of my clients say they feel sexier and prettier during pregnancy. It's a real phenomenon." Last we saw Conrad's hair, it was covered in a pussy hat at the Women's March. But, perhaps intentionally, it's all dangling over the front.

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