10 Songs I Had No Idea Were About Sex

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
Some people listen to music for the lyrics. Others listen for that sweet groove and the moment when the beat hits. (I'd wager that this is actually most listeners.) This kind of oblivious listening usually leads to a cruel awakening, i.e. "whoa, I had no idea that fun song was actually about the pants dance!" The truth is, most songs are about sex in some regard. The rumors are true; sex sells.
But not all songs are overtly about getting funky. In order to maintain a squeaky-clean reputation, many artists cloak their references in expert innuendo. These sneaky innuendos meant that oblivious listeners — those just listening for that beat — had no idea the lyrics were all about getting down. We're not talking about the obviously sensual. "I Wanna Make Love Right Now" is pretty straightforward. No, these songs are cloaked in seemingly nonsexual words. Little did we know when we were bopping to "Side To Side" by Ariana Grande, we were grinding to a sexual rhythm. Who knew that Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle" was all about female arousal? Or that "Crash Into Me" isn't about a metaphorical emotional 'crash'? Ahead, you'll find the salacious humdingers that caught us off guard. Or with our pants down, if you will.

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