Google’s Super Bowl Commercial Had An Unintended Consequence

Google Homes may be too good a listener for its users' sake. The virtual home assistant is programmed to respond to "OK Google," but unfortunately, it can't tell when this voice command is coming from the house's resident or the TV. Several people discovered this during Google's Super Bowl ad. As the actors in the commercial said "OK, Google," real-life Google Homes responded.
The Verge's Kwame Opam writes that his said, "Sorry, something went wrong." Another user tweeted that the ad gave his Google Home "a meltdown." Someone else said hers was "going crazy."
This wasn't the only role Google Home played in the Super Bowl. The gadget took pizza orders, recited Super Bowl facts, and reported predictions for the game, Venture Beat reports. But Amazon Echo was more opinionated, saying, "The Patriots are favored to win by three points last I checked, but honestly I think the Falcon’s offense is going to score and they will fly home with the win."

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