This Question About Ketchup Is Tearing The Internet Apart

Just in case your Twitter feed being locked in constant debate over politics, sports, or the gender of Beyoncé's twins wasn't enough, there's another issue that's tearing apart the internet. Twitter is currently raging in a battle over ketchup, and it's time we all picked a side.
No, the question isn't whether ketchup is a proper condiment for eggs (it is; so is maple syrup). Twitter is instead obsessing over the placement of said ketchup once you're done using it. Does it go in the pantry, or sit (IN ITS RIGHTFUL PLACE!!!) in the refrigerator?
Twitter has thoughts.
This debate has challenged my perspective on everything. As a lifelong supporter of ketchup in the fridge, I had to question why I'm okay eating less-than-chilly ketchup at my local diner. Does ketchup not go bad in the pantry after it's been open?!?
According to an interview with microbiologist for Initial Hygiene Dr. Peter Barratt's in The Daily Mail, we have an official answer.
"No one kept tomato ketchup in the fridge a decade ago, but then it contained more salt. In recent years, food manufacturers have had to cut the amount of salt, a natural preservative, because of its links to high blood pressure... However, while ketchup could keep safely in the cupboard for a couple of weeks, it's best kept in the fridge and eaten within the stated eight-week period," Barratt said.
Welp, there you have it. Keep your fave brand in the fridge, and make sure you finish it in two months. Who knew that validation tasted like tomatoes?

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