You Won’t Believe What Goes Into Creating Rebel Wilson’s Ponytail for Pitch Perfect 3

Show us someone who says they aren't excited to see the third Pitch Perfect movie, and we'll show you a liar. If nothing else, the upcoming film is an excuse to laugh at the absolute hilarity that is Rebel Wilson's character. But the hard work that goes into getting the star's ponytail ready for the big screen? Well, that's no joke. Need proof? Wilson just posted the entire process to her Snapchat — and it's a lot more complicated than we imagined. She and the movie's principal hairstylist, Sheryl Marks, walked us through each painstaking step.
It all starts with a large chunk of extensions, then the process goes a little something like this: First, she teases one section of Wilson's real hair at the crown of the head to create a base for the extensions. She then clips in the faux length at the start of where the ponytail will go, then brushes the surrounding hair upward and gathers it into a pony. (It's at this stage when Wilson exclaimed, "It's heavy!" — so you know there's a lot of weight to these extensions.) After it's secure, she curls the ponytail ends. Marks then takes a one-inch section at the back of the head, twists it, and wraps it around the elastic. A few spritzes of hairspray — and apparently one hour — later, and Wilson's ready to take the stage. How's that for a cinematic adventure?

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