So Far, #TrumpBlackHistory Is Trump’s Greatest Contribution To The Black Community

Photo: Pool/Getty.
Let’s be honest, everything else on the internet yesterday was canceled on account of Beyonce’s magical uterus. Now that the dust has cleared, and we’ve caught our breath and relaid our edges, we can talk about some of the other stuff that was trending. During a “listening session,” Donald J. Trump did the most talking and gave a speech about Black History Month. It worked only to prove that he knows nothing about Black history. He referenced Frederick Douglass, who died in 1895, in the present tense, leading many to believe that Trump thought Douglass was still alive. He then went on a tangent about “inner city” crime and fake news. You know, the usual. I think it’s safe to assume that Black Twitter is beyond the point of outrage at this point. We can only laugh to keep from crying. Cue #TrumpBlackHistory. The hashtag, which took off almost immediately after Trump’s slipup, intentionally de-contextualizes Black history and blends significant milestones with popular Trumpisms. The result gave me cramps in my side from laughing so hard. Pay attention because this could very well be the only valuable connection between Trump and Black people for the next four years.

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