Is It A Coincidence That Beyoncé Announced Her Pregnancy On The First Day Of Black History Month?

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock
2017 has been rife with upsetting news and stress, but one glorious Instagram post gave us a sign that things are looking up. Beyoncé took to the 'gram to announce that she is pregnant with twins, making February 1 an ultra special day for fans of Queen Bey. Of course, it's already a special day: February is Black History Month, which means that the "Sorry" singer essentially ushered in the month with her major news. The timing is pretty damn perfect. The icon celebrated the power of Black women in her visual album Lemonade, and the symbol of her pregnant self on the first day of Black History Month feels like an echo of that. Beyoncé will raise two more Black children to love and celebrate their culture. These kids haven't even been born yet, and already they're an iconic duo. Though we have no idea if the timing of Bey's twin reveal was purposeful, Twitter definitely thinks it is — fans absolutely freaking out about it in the best possible way. Here's what Twitter had to say about her huge announcement:
Bey is a master of good timing — for the month, for the year, and for people who needed a splash of good news.

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