This Is Why Sofia Vergara Loved Dolly Parton's Cleavage Joke

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
The Screen Actors Guild Awards may lack a comedic host, but luckily Dolly Parton arrived in a metallic gold getup to spice things up. And Sofia Vergara appeared to be her biggest fan.

While introducing Lily Tomlin, the comedic actress being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, Parton made a nice pun about, what else, her two closest gals: her breasts. She said that she was IDed backstage, or rather, she was asked about her double D's. Ba-dum-chshh. The camera quickly cut to Vergara who was outwardly enjoying the joke.

More than just appreciating Parton's humor, Vergara appreciates a good boob joke.

Earlier in the evening, Vergara joked about her father having called her "a hooker" because of her voluptuous figure, implying that she wouldn't be able to have a strong career as an actress because of her breast size. She quipped that even though he has since passed away, he would still confidently stand by his comment. I think he, his daughter, and Parton (who would go on to make not one, but two more jokes about her breasts) would have gotten along splendidly.

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