Viola Davis & Emma Stone Reunited At The SAG Awards Red Carpet

The cast members of the 2011 film The Help all went on to lead trailblazing careers. I mean, what did we expect? The cast was stacked. In fact, most of the of main actors are in attendance at the 2017 SAG Awards tonight.

Octavia Spencer is nominated for the film Hidden Figures, while Davis is nominated for the film adaptation of August Wilson's Fences. Bryce Dallas Howard, who ate a pie full of unmentionables in The Help, is nominated for her role in the Netflix series Black Mirror. And, of course, the doe-eyed Emma Stone scored a nod for her role in La La Land. The gang's all here — and it's only a matter of time before there's a reunion.

And hey! We already got one! When Viola Davis was — gracefully, beautifully, perfectly — exiting her interview with E!'s Giuliana Rancic, she bumped into Stone. The two embraced. (In my mind, Davis whispered, "You is kind. You is important. You is beautiful.") They hugged, and my heart swooshed. May The Help live on forever in interactions between the best actresses of our generation.

We have proof of the heartwarming interaction in GIF form.
Watch Refinery29's Facebook Live red carpet show below:

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