This Reddit Beauty Hack Is Genius — & Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but to some extent you can judge a beauty product based on its packaging. And we don’t mean whether it’s pretty enough for our next minimalist flat lay. (Though that certainly helps.) We’re talking about real functionality here. Potted products — anything you have to dip your fingers in — are a breeding ground for bacteria. Items you have to unscrew and pour out are a straight-up nuisance. That’s why we have a clear preference for products that come with a pump: They are sanitary and efficient. But what’s a beauty enthusiast to do when their favorite formula lives inside a sad, pump-free jar? Cheat the system, of course, with this ridiculously easy trick one savvy user shared on Reddit.
The idea is simple: All you need is an airless pump bottle, like this one from Amazon. Transfer your product from the original packaging into the new bottle, either by pouring it in or using a funnel for thicker formulas, and… that’s it. No more wasted foundation, no more sticking your fingers into your moisturizer. It’s equal parts easy and game-changing — we're just wondering why we didn't think of it.

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