Beyoncé Got Into “Formation” On The Cover Of This Marvel Comic

Photo: Joe Quinones/Marvel Entertainment
We didn't need any evidence that Beyoncé is superhero-worthy, but I'll take Bey-inspired comic-book art any day. As Vulture reports, the latest edition of Marvel comic America features a cover that pays homage to Beyoncé's "Formation" video, and it's fantastic. It's superheroine America Chavez who borrows from the Lemonade mogul. The cover, which was drawn by Joe Quinones, features America in a dress and hat very similar to one of Beyoncé's looks in the now-iconic video. However, instead of donning all white like Bey, America's dress is covered in an Uncle Sam-esque flag pattern. Appropriate for her namesake, no? America is a relatively new addition to Marvel. She first appeared in 2011 in Young Avengers, before earning her own title America this year. The Beyoncé cover art will appear on the comic's second issue, out in April. Don't confuse the Marvel newcomer with Captain America. This America is entirely unique: She's a queer Latina with the ability to move through dimensions. She also has a girl squad of her own, sharing her Beyoncé cover with fellow heroines Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, and former Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau. Marvel borrowing from Bey for this comic makes a ton of sense: The singer may not have the ability to move through dimensions, but she certainly knows how to inspire other powerful women.

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