Dan Aykroyd Writes Touching Tribute To Former Flame Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher's legendary life included a brief engagement to fellow comedy legend Dan Aykroyd. (If you don't know, he was in the men-only Ghostbusters.) Now, Aykroyd has penned a wry and touching tribute to his former fiancée in Empire magazine. Aykroyd includes a series of hilarious things Fisher would say to him. "Carrie would say things like: 'I love tiny babies. When they cry they turn red and look like screaming tomatoes.' OR 'This romance is finished the second you let out even a threep. I’ll be sick for a year.' AND 'You have a jawline, hold your chin up otherwise you look like a tuna.' From then on I would identify myself on the phone as Tuna Neck." The story about how their relationship ended is a must-read. Fellow SNL alum John Belushi and his wife Judy had purchased Aykroyd a summer house. "It was a fixer-upper, mid-century oil-guzzler, albeit designed by Hideo Sasaki. Carrie said, 'It looks like it was abandoned by Fred and Wilma Flintstone.' The next morning she asked me to drive her to the airport and she flew to New York." Amazing. Fisher was uncompromising about pretty much everything in her life. And even in death, she was still telling jokes. Read the rest of Aykroyd's essay here.

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