The Latest Launch From Clarisonic Is NOT What You’d Expect

More than 10 years ago, the Clarisonic changed what it meant to power wash your face. Its oscillating sonic technology (and interchangeable brush heads) quickly set the industry standard, with countless skin-care companies racing to launch their own versions. Now, Clarisonic is introducing a new kind of tool to the market — only this time, the main focus isn't on the bristles at all. It's called the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift, and — while it does come with a set of body and face brush heads — the coolest thing about it is its brand-new, parylene-coated silicone massager, meant to boost your anti-aging routine by tenfold. Here's how it works: The applicator uses 27,000 micro-firming motions to stimulate collagen production, so skin looks smoother. Use it for three minutes a day in 30-second intervals per area on your face (just like you'd do with its OG Smart Profile gadget);
it even claims to help serums, creams, and treatments penetrate deeper. Plus, that wacky three-prong nodule has a purpose: It's shaped to easily glide across skin, like a mini spa treatment. And while the tool will set you back a cool $349, you can also buy the individual firming massage head for just $54 (which you can snap onto any existing Smart Profile handle) come February 15. (You can pre-order the device here.) If that still seems steep, consider this: No one would have predicted the cleansing brush boom after Clarisonic dropped its first launch — so you might want to get in on it now, before everyone else does.

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