This Little Girl Couldn’t Make The Women’s March So She Held Her Own — With Dolls

Yesterday was a proud day for feminists of all genders and ages — including those in elementary school. In fact, all those pint-sized activists marching nationwide provided some of the best protest signs out there. Only a bunch of straight-shooting kids could create such gems as "Santa is watching you, mister," "Trump is mean," and "I'd even prefer Voldemort." But what about the woke kids who weren't able to jaunt to D.C. for the weekend? Rose Redfern, for one, knew she didn't need to be on the Washington Mall to show her support for human rights and equality. Her dad, Mark Redfern, posted on Facebook that Rose had enlisted her girl gang of dolls to help get her message across. Rose and company took to the streets — that is, the backyard — to teach President Trump a thing or two.
The celebrity stars of Rose's march included Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Cinderella, Poison Ivy, and Tiana from Disney's The Frog Princess. Cindy and the superheroes shared some thoughts on sexual harassment, equal pay, and girl power. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy, ever the environmentalist, urged Washington to start believing in science. Finally, Tiana told Trump how she feels.
Of course Rose was on hand to lead the charge. Her dad's Facebook post explains that Rose's more, um, abstract sign is "apparently about love." You tell 'em, girl.
Ed. Note: The idea for the doll march originally came from Rose's parents, Mark and Wendy Redfern.

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