Veronica Mars Could Release More Episodes, But There Are Two Problems

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Good news, Marshmallows: Rob Thomas wants a Veronica Mars revival just as much as you do. Unfortunately, Kristen Bell's new sitcom might mean fans will have to wait for it. As reported by TVLine, Veronica Mars creator Thomas was promoting season 3 of The CW's iZombie at the Television Critics Association press tour when the conversation skewed towards that other crime-solving badass of his creation. According to the showrunner, he's still very much on board for more Veronica Mars, which, he hopes, would consist of six hour-long episodes as opposed to a sequel to the 2014 movie. Unfortunately, two things are standing in the way of a return to Neptune: The Good Place and The Lost Boys. Bell stars in the former on NBC, while Thomas is currently developing the latter as a serious for The CW. Thomas told the TCA, “If those things weren’t happening, we might be closer to a Veronica Mars [continuation]. The Good Place, I think, is going to be on NBC for a while. And if Lost Boys goes [to series], finding that window will be tricky. But we both want to do it.” When it comes to Veronica Mars, where there is a will, there's a way. The TV series got a movie made years after the series finale, all thanks to insatiable fans who paid for it via Kickstarter. We may need to wait until the timing is exactly right, but this is one revival I'd be willing to bet on happening.

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