Veronica Mars: 10 Burning Questions

We have watched a lot of television shows: some forgetful ones that lost direction early on, some good programming, but only a few really great gems. Veronica Mars was the latter. In fact, we were hooked from the pilot and spent the next three years clearing our schedule to watch Veronica solve crimes, swap rapid-speed banter with her father, fall in and out of love with Logan, and somehow become involved with every crime that took place in (or near) Neptune. So, of course, we were distraught when we had to say farewell to our beloved series — and a little miffed.
It can be hard to say goodbye to the fictional characters you have grown to love — especially when they leave you with so many unanswered questions. For years we heard rumors of the fourth season being aired and the possibility of reunions, in which light would finally be shed, right? Nope, our Veronica void remained.
Right as we gave up hope — in what we'd like to think as the universe correcting itself — a Veronica Mars movie got the green light. Thanks to a cast who loved the show as much as we did, we were getting a second chance via Kickstarter. And, a year later, we have our tickets bought and movie plans this weekend. Honestly, it would take a lot for us to be disappointed in the movie. But, here are the questions we hope get answered. In a perfect world, each question would be addressed. But, since we don't want to be too demanding, we would be fine with just the tenth question finally being put to bed.

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