Donald Trump Gets Secure Phone, Will Hopefully Use It

Donald Trump's phone etiquette is the stuff of legend. The Washington Post reports that he's been mostly isolated since winning the election, preferring to conduct business via phone from Trump Tower. The Associated Press quotes Republican Senator Bob Corker on Trump's amazing accessibility. "My phone says, No Caller ID, so I'm not saying that it has anything to do with me," Corker tells the AP. "Nobody knows who it is that's calling when I'm calling." Now, Trump will disappear into the security bubble that has enveloped President Obama for the past eight years. Maybe. The New York Times reports that Trump has been given a secured phone with extremely limited functionality. That means that Trump's communication will now be encrypted, should it come from the device. But Trump has made it clear that he plans to continue tweeting from his Android phone even after he takes office. He's also been known to make phone calls with world leaders, controversial in-and-of itself, via unsecured line. For reasons that go beyond obvious, the President speaking on an unsecured phone line poses a major national security risk that goes beyond, let's just pick a random example, communicating on a heavily encrypted private email server.

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