What Was In The Tiffany Box? The Internet Demands To Know

With everyone's eyes on Washington, D.C., for the inauguration, a small exchange between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump is threatening to overshadow the actual event. In a moment captured by CNN, Trump handed Obama a bright blue Tiffany box, and the internet immediately began to imagine what was going through Obama's head at the moment. While we don't have any idea what she could have been thinking (a freeze-frame can only tell us so much), it didn't take long for another question to start floating around: What in the world was in that box?
The New York Times even reached out directly to Tiffany, and was only told “The White House has been a patron of the house of Tiffany & Co. since Abraham Lincoln,” and nothing else. In lieu of answers, people are all too ready to suggest their own (humorous) guesses.
Jokes aside, we can get some ideas from the shape of the box. As several Twitter users pointed out, at that size, it's likely home goods and not a heart tag bracelet.
A quick glance at the Tiffany's website doesn't tell us much. There are plenty of frames and trays for sale, and, unfortunately, under the gift guides, there's no "For The People Who Previously Occupied Your House" tab. (Or maybe, "For The People Who Previously Occupied Your New Job?") Either way, we may have to continue to speculate on this one.

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