Twitter Was Split Over Jackie Evancho’s Performance At Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Just as planned, Jackie Evancho helped Donald Trump celebrate his inauguration by singing the National Anthem. Moments after finishing the song, Trump gave his take on Evancho's performance shouting "Great job Jackie!" Others took to the new president's favorite form of communication, Twitter, to share their feelings on the performance. It was one that was deemed controversial after it was revealed that Evancho has a transgender sister. Evancho faced online backlash with many on Twitter wondering why she would agree to perform for an administration that doesn't seem to support the LGBTQ community. Evancho later responded to the critics, telling CNN that she's "not involved in politics. I'm doing this because it's a privilege and an honor to perform for my country."
No surprise, people's opinions on Evancho's performance were as split as the country's take on the new president. There were those who thought she did a great job. "Finally!" one person wrote. "A national anthem that didn't sound like an American Idol audition!" There were some that didn't. "16 is too young to sing at such an important event," one person wrote. "Sorry but her voice shook with nerves." Others were just hoping for more from Evancho's performance like Billboard's Jason Lipshutz. "Really thought there was a chance Jackie Evancho would pull a Katniss," he wrote. "Go rogue & flip off Trump on behalf of her transgender sister. Sigh."

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