Chrissy Teigen: Airport Paparazzo Got Crazy Racist About John Legend

One would think that paparazzo, who depend on celebrities for their livelihood, would steer clear of saying insanely racist stuff about celebrities, to celebrities. Especially if those celebrities are married to the celebrity you're getting crazy racist about. One would, apparently, be wrong. Such was the case in an incident today, when some photographer decided it was a good idea to get down with some good old fashioned scientific racism when talking to Chrissy Teigen. We're talking, like, dinner party scene in The Great Gatsby level racism. True 1920s hours style. Worse still, the insult was directed at her husband, John Legend. This seems like a clearcut case of a paparazzo trying to get a rise out of Teigen to make her look unhinged. You hear whispers of these things from time to time: A photographer intentionally pissing someone off in the hopes that they get shoved, so they can sue. Of course, it sounds made-up. But then so does everything these days. Check out Teigen's account of the incident below.
So there you have it, dear reader. A lesson in celebrity restraint, should you ever become a celebrity. If you are currently a celebrity: Please give me one million dollars.

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