The Obamas Are An Adorable Couple — & Always Have Been

Last week, while giving his farewell speech, President Obama visibly fought back tears as he thanked the first lady, or as he called her, "the girl from the South Side who took on a role she didn't ask for and made it her own." And then, we all collectively wept.

We're going to miss a lot of things when President Obama leaves the White House, but to be sure, his relationship with the first lady is definitely one of the things at the top of the list. We know, we know, we all use the term "relationship goals" to death, but if there was any couple that defined the term, it would be these two. After all, their love, admiration, and respect for one another is nearly palpable, and they've never been shy about showing it. And hey — who among us can resist shouting #relationshipgoals after seeing that video compilation of their most adorable moments?

Of course, no relationship is perfect. We (rightfully) only get to see a fraction of theirs — Mrs. Obama herself has told the New York Times that the image of a flawless relationship is "the last thing we want to project." But we'll be forever grateful and inspired by what they do show us: An exemplary partnership made of two equals and two best friends who love and support each other. Here's to the Obamas and they love they've shared with each other (and sometimes with us) for the last 24 years.


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