Jessica Alba Just Found Out What It's Like To See Your Face As A Tattoo

It's no secret that being a celebrity garners a lot of attention — but it's not always in the way you may think. People asking for your autograph, for example, is normal. So is a fan singing your praises on Twitter or Instagram. But when someone gets a tattoo of your face on their body? Well, that's true dedication. And that's exactly what happened to Jessica Alba — and she was even there to see the ink first-hand.
The actress posted a video to Instagram of a police officer’s ink, which covers the entirety of his arm. Look closely, however, and you'll see that the design taking up the most real estate on his upper arm is none other than a portrait of Alba, wearing what appears to be Dia de los Muertos-style makeup. “Definitely one of the more surreal moments of my life,” she captioned the photo. “This sweetie pie young officer drove by outside my friends house and stopped to tell me he had my face tattooed on his arm - of course I HAD to see it! So cool and such a trip.”

This isn't the first fan tattoo we’ve seen, either. (Remember Shia LaBeouf’s thigh ink of Missy Elliot? Or that Kylie Jenner fan who immortalized the Kylie Cosmetics launch last year?) Nonetheless, it's nice knowing that even if one of these celeb's fade from the spotlight, these tattoos will still be there.


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