The Makeup Brush Cleanser For People Who Hate Cleaning Their Makeup Brushes

We’ve waxed poetic on how much we loathe cleaning our makeup brushes. And while we can appreciate how disgusting said tools can get — what with all that product build-up and, uh, fecal bacteria — we’re still too lazy to stick to a routine. Luckily, there is a way to make the entire process a little more bearable, and that's by using a solid cleanser.
Sure, brush companies have been making these kinds of soaps for years — and the pros swear by them, too. But the upcoming launch from Beautyblender means these sudsers are now way more accessible. Come March, the brand is launching a jumbo-sized solid cleanser (earlier iterations were only available in smaller sizes) and it's the best we've seen yet. Given its size, you can now wash multiple brushes at once, not to mention your makeup sponges. So, if the task of rubbing your brushes underneath water for an hour felt taxing to your precious time, this cuts out all the fuss immediately. To use, just run the the pot underneath water, swirl any dirty makeup tool on top of the soap, rinse, and you're done. It's easier than ever — really. And while its price tag of $45 may seem like a lot, we urge you to consider the minutes you'll save by scooping this up. (Or just pick up the original solid cleanser, which retails for $16.) But we think that if time is money, this product might make us rich. Beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid Pro, $45, available in March 2017.

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