Charlie Sheen Sort Of Apologizes To Rihanna: "Let's Have A Drink Someday"

Three years ago, Charlie Sheen went on a Twitter tirade against Rihanna after she declined to take a photo with the actor's then-fiancée while out to dinner. (In response, RiRi let him have it.) Last week, Sheen reignited the feud during Watch What Happens Live when he referred to the singer as "that bitch." (All of Twitter let him have it.)

Now, the 51-year-old is saying sorry — in a very Charlie Sheen sort of way. On Tuesday, Sheen tweeted, dear @rihanna, pardon my inane self indulgence. let's have a drink someday (on me) ...."

As you can see, no actual "I'm sorry" or "I apologize" here. But hey, Sheen at least seems to be admitting that he's in the wrong here. As for whether Rihanna is going to accept his "apology" or take him up on that drink offer? Let's not get ahead of ourselves now.

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