Manny MUA Claps Back At Hater Who Says Dads Should Teach Boys To Be “Real Men”

Most of us are celebrating the fact that Manny Gutierrez is the newest face of Maybelline. Lashes for all! But conservative blogger Matt Walsh wasn't thrilled. Instead, he penned an op-ed titled "Dads, We Can't Expect Our Sons To Become Real Men If We Don't Teach Them How" explaining that Gutierrez's appointment (and entire career) was the result of society "[sowing] confusion into the minds of our children." In addition to proving how out of touch he is with the world in general, Walsh's opinion piece sought to strengthen staid opinions about masculinity and promoting gender norms about gender. The article, which was published on Glenn Beck's conservative site The Blaze, says that "[as] we’ve seen a million times, if a boy is left to learn about masculinity all alone in the wilds of modern society [...] he’ll determine that the best thing a man can do is reject whatever is unique to men and begin aping the style, mannerisms, and behavior of women." While Walsh is stuck in the 1950s, we'll be here throwing glitter in the air celebrating Maybelline's
inclusivity and watching Gutierrez's makeup tutorials on loop, because the boy can contour like no other. Naturally, Manny Gutierrez didn't stay quiet on the subject — not that he's ever withheld his opinion on anything. In a tweet, Gutierrez stated that his father works for him and is "so proud."

You can have a seat ?

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Gutierrez also tweeted a screenshot that showed a response from his father. In the message, Gutierrez Sr. said, "Not only am I proud of what he's accomplished but I'm proud of the person he has become."
In his tweet accompanying the message, Manny describes his dad as "savage." With a fierce response like that, we couldn't agree more.

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